Planned Event Notification - AIMS Planned Power Maintenance 19/5/17

Dear Sirs/Mdms,
Kindly be informed that there will be a planned maintenance for Level 4 PDU-1A power diversion.
The planned maintenance details as below:
Location: Menara AIMS (Level 4)
Planned Event Start: 19th May 2017 23:59
Planned Event End : 20th May 2017 02:00
Objectives: Primary power infrastructure upgrade for Level 4 Data Centre (Power Source A) with new UPS system.
Service Impact: 
2 hours downtime for only single power feed equipment which connecting to power source A.
Planned Maintenance Purpose:
1. Provide high reliability and efficient supply to customers by replacing aging UPS and distribution boards.
2. Increase Data Centre floor power density and provide sufficient distribution to cater customer demand.
Planned Maintenance Event:
1. Prior to planned maintenance, customer is advised to come onsite to check their single power feed equipment which connecting to power strip A and divert to power strip B if necessary.
* As a preparation step for this Planned Event, AIMS Facility Team and Service Operations team will be conducting audit on all customer's racks from 24th Apr - 5th May 2017  in order to verify the existing rack supply. We seek your approval on the access to your rack during the mentioned time.
* Please be informed that if we do not received feedback within 5 days after notification, AIMS would consider customers agreed for us to proceed with the audit from 24th Apr – 5th May 2017.
Thank you.