How To Modify MYNIC Domain Name Name Server / DNS

How To Modify MYNIC Domain Name Name Server / DNS
Obtain Your Contact Code for Technical contact
1. Visit
2. Enter your domain name, e.g.,, and press Submit.
3. Find the Technical contact code. eg DCA019561
Modify MYNIC Domain Name Name Server / DNS
  1. Visit

  2. Click Login

  3. Enter your technical contact code User Name & Passwords, click "Login"

  4. Enter the technical contact code and click on "Submit" button

  5. Register your Mobile phone number on the MYNIC Portal if you haven’t do so, in order to receive TAC code from MYNIC.

  6. Under “Domain” tab, select “Modify Domain”.

  7. Enter “[Domain Name]” and Select your domain extension under “[Domain Extension]”.

  8. Under Search Results, tick the domain you want to modify and click “Modify”.

  9. Choose “Add / Remove / Change Name Server

  10. Modify Name servers page will appear, Tick all the NameServer you wanted to change in "Existing Name Server for selected domain name(s)", Type in the NameServer you want to change to in ‘Change To’ table, and then click ‘Modify’.

  11. Once you click ‘Modify’, you will be bring over to TAC code authorization page. A SMS will be sent to your registered mobile phone in Step 2 with the TAC code. Insert the TAC code to the space at the middle of the box, and click “Continue”.


    Note: If you haven’t register your mobile phone number, you will be bring over to a blank box like image below once you reach this step. Just back to the MYNIC Portal home, and follow Step 2 again to register your mobile phone number to MYNIC Portal.


  12. Once the TAC code authorization is done, you will be forward back to the modify name server page, stating that the request to update name server is successful (or fail) at the first line of the page.