Installation of Joomla through Plesk Control Panel

There are several free applications available for installation via the Plesk Control Panel. In this tutorial we will be installing Joomla which is one of the leading Content Management Systems.
  1. Login to Plesk Control Panel using the credentials available with you.
  2. Click on Applications from the Main Menu(Left side of Panel)
  3. Click on Install Web Application
  4. Under the Web category, you will see Blog and Content Management. Click Content Management for installing Joomla.
  5. Click Install for continuing with Joomla Installation.
  6. License agreement page will open. Check I agree and click Next to continue.
  7. Web application parameter page will exist. Fill the required details such as Directory Name, Database Name, Username and password for Database, Admin username, password, email id etc and click Install.
  8. Joomla will get installed successfully for your domain.
  9. Now you will be able to see your site through
  10. You can administrate the Joomla site by login using admin credentialas