Configure Mozilla Thunderbird POP Account

Applies to All Versions of SmarterMail

For messages, users should set up an account within Mozilla Thunderbird using either IMAP or POP3.

IMAP is a protocol that keeps all messages and folders on the server. In addition, IMAP idle is an optional feature of the IMAP protocol that pushes all new messages to Outlook as they are received by the mail server. Unlike POP, IMAP offers two-way communication between your SmarterMail mailbox and your email client(s). This means when you log in to the SmarterMail Web interface, actions you performed on email clients and mobile devices will automatically appear in the Web interface (and vice versa).

With POP3, your mail is saved in a mailbox on the remote server until you check your mail. When you check your mail, all of the mail is downloaded to your computer and is no longer maintained on the server. If you use POP3 and are traveling or check your mail from multiple locations, you will not be able to view any of your old mail because the messages only exist on the computer on which you originally received your mail. NOTE: If you have enabled Mozilla Thunderbird to keep messages on the server, you will be able to access your messages and folders from any computer via the SmarterMail Web interface or your mobile device.

Follow these steps to create an Mozilla Thunderbird POP account:

Before you begin, you will need to have Mozilla Thunderdbird installed on your computer as well as Create an E-mail Account in SmarterMail Web Interface if you have not already.

Step 1

Launch Mozilla Thunderbird. If it is your first time launching Mozilla Thunderbird, the Mail Account Setup Wizard should appear and you may skip to step 4. Otherwise continue with the next step.

Step 2

From the Mozilla Thunderbird window, select Tools > Account Settings.

Step 3

At the bottom-left, select Account Actions > Add Mail Account

Step 4

Enter Your name, your full Email address and your Password. Check the box for Remember password if you do not wish to enter your password every time when checking or sending e-mail. Then, click the Continue button.

Step 5

Suggested settings may be provided for you. Be sure to select POP to view the suggested POP settings. In this example, the suggested settings are incorrect so we will click the Manual config button to enter the correct information.

Step 6

Enter the following information in the appropriate field:



Incoming Server hostname

Incoming Port Number


SSL drop-down menu


Authentication drop-down menu

Normal password

Outgoing Server hostname

Outgoing Port Number


SSL drop-down menu


Authentication drop-down menu

Normal password

User Name

Your full email address

Click the Done button when you are finished.

Step 7

Click the OK button.

Step 8

You should now see your newly added account on the left-hand side of the Mozilla Thunderbird window as your account is now fully set up!

Your account is now set up